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The Ishtar Institute

What is E-Sara?

E-Sara is Sumerian for "house of the universe." The universe is big place, and it's our home. In truth, all humans live under one roof and sky. The time has come to put these truths into action.

The Ishtar Institute's goal is to use practices from the capsule hotel industry to provide safe spaces where humans may rest and have access to communal accommodations. Please visit our Projects page for more information. E-Sara is built on the religious foundation of Atheaism. To learn more about Atheasim, please visit our About page

Your loyal patronage will aid our cause!

Please visit our Patrons page on how to donate.

This photo was taken by Sam Moghadam Khamseh in 2017._edited.jpg

Our purpose in this world ...

 To provide capsule accommodations & other services in order to foster the Age of Ishtar.

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