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A Message from your High Priestess

What's up my neophytes and acolytes? It's ya boi, the High Priestess of The Ishtar Institute. Let me be brief.

Organizations deny people access to stable shelter by design. There are systems upon systems and barriers upon barriers that exclude many humans from accessing basic human necessities such as shelter, food, and water. By lacking these foundations, humans can neither survive nor thrive. It's time to raise the bar for social welfare. 

We live in an abundant age where time and resources exist to shelter and care for all humanity, but the majority of the population chooses not to because of long-standing, puritanical beliefs embedded within the subconscious of societies. Namely, it's the notion that someone must deserve or qualify for help. This is absurd. 

Let something new come about. The time has come for the Age of Ishtar.


Your High Priestess

President of the Board

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The Ishtar Institute

Works over worship

Ishtar is the Goddess of Love, Justice, and Empowerment. She does not require prayer, worship, or blind devotion. She seeks that we help one another rather than grovel over her unparalleled beauty and countless victories. 

Before departing earth to fight an ancient foe, Ishtar made a covenant with her sister, Ereshkigal (the Goddess of the Underworld), that us humans may have dwellings reserved for us in the hereafter if we live by the Code of Ishtar within a literal dwelling in this life. Whereby, we may not fear wandering the endless wastes of the lands of death. The Code of Ishtar is best summarized by her classic remark when Ishtar denied Gilgamesh's affections, and he would later steal the Bull of Heaven to unleash it upon her. 

"I thought myself an utterly loving and understanding Goddess, but today I've learned that I simply cannot tolerate intolerant people."

 — Ishtar

By living the Code of Ishtar, we expand her spheres of influence. This is done by

  • outpouring love in all its various forms

  • demanding justice for everyone regardless of status

  • empowering the marginalized


The Ishtar Institute is a faith-based, nonprofit organization set up in 2022 during COVID-19, one of the worst pandemics of the modern world.