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A Message from your High Priestess

Hello my neophytes and acolytes,

I am Gala Funderosa, and I serve as the current High Priestess of The Ishtar Institute. 

The global economy is making it more difficult to have a home. There are systems upon systems and barriers upon barriers that exclude many humans from accessing basic human necessities such as shelter, food, and water. By lacking these foundations, these people can neither survive nor thrive. It's time to raise the bar for social accommodations in our communities across the planet. 

Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to connect, come together, and address the many problems that afflict societies. Poverty. Starvation. Homelessness. We live in an age of abundance where the time and resources exist to shelter and care for humanity.

To learn more about The Ishtar Institute and its foundation in Atheaism, please see our statement of beliefs below or download a copy here.


The time has come for the Age of Ishtar to return.


Gala Funderosa

High Priestess

President of the Board

8 Points to Atheaism

We know Athea is the Queen of Heaven, the Vast Heart, and the All-Goddess of the Zero-Gate, and that she was known as Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, and Venus in previous eras.


We know to expand Athea’s spheres of influence within society and a private residence. These spheres include love, justice, and empowerment for all.


We know everyone must receive a place to live and a place to die to accelerate the expansion of Athea’s spheres of influence.


We know the energy of Athea is the primordial force of chaos and change that fuels the transformative and cyclical process of birth, growth, decay, and death of all systems within the known universe.

We know and celebrate the return of the pilipili, kurĝara and saĝ-ursaĝ (trans, nonbinary, and intersex persons) into society as recorded by the princess, priestess, and poetess Enheduanna (2285–2250 BCE) of Ur.


We know the ruin caused by fundamentalist chosen people, prosperity theology, blood sacrifice, bloodline fanaticism, supremacism, & slavery, and we protest them wholly.


We know to use projective tools responsibly such as holy books, the internet, scrying surfaces, divination stones, pendulums, and tarot cards.


We know to exercise our will without harm, injury, or malfeasance to others or ourselves. We also respect the freedom of religion and the freedom from religion. 

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