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Our Projects

E-Sara is a socio-religious program based on practices of capsule hotels. It includes providing private, in-door cabins as short-term and long-term shelter. Our target goal to initiate this campaign is $500,000. Our list of possible locations to establish E-Sara include Nairobi, Kenya; Curitiba, Brazil; and Salt Lake City, USA. We also conduct a yearly outreach program. 

Yearly Outreaches

Each year, The Ishtar Institute runs a program to provide a specific item to people affected by homelessness. This can include providing socks, sweaters, blankets, cooling towels, tents, medicine, and perishables. 

seal of ishtar- 2.png

The Cylinder Seal of Ishtar, 2350-2150 BCE

How will E-Sara be established in the world?

Once funding is reached, The Ishtar Institute will secure a location for E-Sara to be established. Residents of E-Sara will have access to private personal space, communal amenities such as bathrooms and kitchens, and access to a dedicated social worker.

Your ongoing donation will help the members of the E-Sara community. Funding is allocated for the cost of purchasing stand-alone cabins, leasing property, providing amenities, and employing social workers.  


The pandemic of homelessness affects all countries. 

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